December 2016
​1. ​Valley Adjudicator for Valley Theater Awards 2016-2017
2. Usher for 'Absurd Singular Person' in local community theater
3. Brand Ambassador for Not Your Father's Root Beer, ​Vanilla Cream and Ginger Ale, Arizona (Phoenix, Surprise, Casa Grande & Queen Creek)


November 2016
Post surgery, on sabbatical

​​Vacation in New Orleans


​​October 2016
1. Park Event: One month contract as 'Clown Ticket-Taker" for Pennywise/Haunted House

​​​​​​​​​​September 2016

1. ​Valley Adjudicator for Valley Theater Awards 2016-2017
2. ​Meetings with Hollywood Production: Jewel of The Nile Production, Los Angeles, CA
3. Usher for "Farragut North" in local community theater
4. Usher for "​Five and Dime Jimmy Dean" in local community theater
5. BidChat Launch network, booked as Broadcaster, Los Angeles, CA​
6. Park Event: Booked for Zombie Paintball Express.​
7. Park Event: Interviewed/Booked​ as "Clown Ticket-Taker" for Halloween Season
8. Booked as Contestant for National Television Show "The John Kerwin Show", JLTV, Los Angeles, CA​ ​​​

​​​​​​​​​August 2016

1. Valley Adjudicator for Valley Theater Awards 2016-2017
2. "Up and Out" PSA Audition for 'The Parolee' by Women in Film PSA, Santa Monica, CA
3. Booked for multiple speaking roles as Stage Reader for The Best Script FanFix Awards 2016, Los Angeles, CA
4. Park Event: Booked for Zombie Paintball Express, Bonnie Springs Ranch.​

​​​​​​July 2016

1. Valley Adjudicator for Valley Theater Awards 2016-2017
​2. Booked to feature on Comedy Game Show: "Hypnotize Me" on Fox Television/CBS Beverly, Hollywood, CA​
3. Show (running) The Devil's Carnival at Sci-Fi Center​
4. Booked as 'actor' for 'Ride Share Sing Along' video shoot for SoFlo Media Publishing, Los Angeles, CA
5. "Unfinished" project stage read open discussions by Ernie Curcio
​6. Usher, "Peter and the Starcatcher" in local community theater
7. Auditioned Health BioTech, Samuel Warren & Associates​ CSA, San Diego, CA
8. Interview by Inkabinkids Production for Kids Party, Van Nuys, CA​

​​​​​​​June 2016
1. Valley Adjudicators meeting for Valley Theater Awards 2016-2017
2. Ushers for Fringe Festival 2016: Boobiehatch, Wind in the Willows, The Proposal
3. Rehearsal for The Devil's Carnival, Sci-Fi Center​
4. Audition for Software Commercial by Beth Holmes Casting CSA, Loudmouth Studios, NOHO, CA
5. Audition for 'Molly', for webseries GodcompLX Production, Los Angeles, CA​
6. Booked for 'Bid Chat' Promo, Bid Chat Corporation, Los Angeles, CA
7. Audition as 'Ethnic girl' for EDWIN (Industrial), Broad-Cast Casting CSA, Hollywood, CA

​​​​​​​​​​May 2016

1. Audition for New Tech Company Promo by Carrie Shaw Casting CSA, Los Angeles, CA
​2. Booked as Brand Ambassador by BestReps for Albertsons Store (Industrial)
3. Usher for "Tuna Does Vegas" and ​"History 101"
4. The Devil's Carnival Show meeting at Sci Fi Center​
5. Audition for Court Show Judge Junior, Broadcast West Television Show, Los Angeles, CA
6. Audition as Host for "Shark-O-Pedia" by Suite Spot TV NewYork/Los Angeles for Discovery Channel, Los Angeles, CA​​
7. Audition as Host for "Bid Chat" by Bid Chat Corporation, Los Angeles, CA​
8. Completion of "The Little Ballerina" student film by New York Film Academy Los Angeles.​

​​​​​​​​​​​April 2016
1. Next Session Life Drawing: 'Guest Model' as Tavern Maiden, Boulder City Arts Guild by Lee Lanier
2. Auditioned/booked by 36 years experienced expert in comedy sketch, Kent Skov for L.A. Connection Comedy Improv Troupe, Burbank, CA​
3. Auditioned for character "The Writer", for The Mountain, San Diego State University Senior Film, Los Angeles, CA​
4. ​Booked as 'Dancer' for Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health World Leader in Physical Fitness for Guinness World of Records USA in Las Vegas, NV
5. Auditioned​ as 'Gospel singer' for Christian Musical Play, for Sea Fields Production, Sacramento/Bay Area, CA
6. Booked by Idell James Casting CSA Los Angeles/NewYork for HP Computer Commercial with Cricket Games India & Tokyo fans by Park Pictures, Rose Bowl in Pasadena,CA​
7. Booked by Casting Associates CSA Los Angeles to feature in one episode of "Celebrity Name Game" Season 2 on CBS Television, Studio City, CA​
8. Auditioned as 'Nurse' for Cowgirls' Story SAG-AFTRA Feature Film, EcoCast AA Release, ​Los Angeles, CA

​​​​​March 2016
1. Video Audition as 'Mother' for The Tangerine Hotel​, Christopher Lee Film, Los Angeles
2. Video Audition as 'Nosey Mother' for Youth PSA, Youth Health, Los Angeles
3. Audition as 'Joni Field' for ROUX, University Southern California Thesis Film Project, USC Campus, Los Angeles​
4. Audition as 'Fashion Model' (acting) for Cruel Rich Girls ongoing series​, Los Angeles
5. Booked as 'Guest Model' for Boulder City Arts Guild​​, Boulder City
6. ​Audition as 'Desert Devil', Dark Libra Casting, Dark Libra Films, Los Angeles
7. ​Audition for two roles as 'AQ' and 'RM', Palladium Enterprises, Jolly Road Productions, Los Angeles.

​​February 2016

1. Auditioned/Booked as 'Stage Reader' for FanFix Awards​ 2016, Los Angeles
one as 'Mother' for The Crow Prophecy script, one as Narrator for Star Wars: The Redemption of the Skywalker script
​​2. Booked as 'Restaurant Diner', New York Film Academy, Los Angeles​


​​​January 2016
1. Audition Snapshot Los Angeles, DTLA
2. ​​ Completed The Irrepressibles Episode 10 


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Last week November - December 2015

                                                                     Thanksgiving - Christmas Holidays​

1. Booked, runway rehearsals 7 fashion show for Prêt-à-Porter​ (retail shops)
2. ​The Irrepressibles Episode 10 in post-production
3. Characters of the Bible in post-production
4. Signed with Modeling Agent in Los Angeles, CA

​​​​​​ 16-30 October 2015
1. Audition for Industrial Commercial by Deming Casting at Studio City, 114440 Ventura Blvd, CA
2. Booked for Runway Model for Fashion Expo/Costume Design by L'EVEGUE MAGAZINE
3. ​The Irrepressibles Episode 10 in post-production
4. Filming completed for 'Characters of the Bible', now in post-production

                                                                  ​​​​VACATION/TRAVELING TIME
                                                                      Sept 24 - Oct 15, 2015​

​​​September 2015
1. Dr Sketchy Boulder City as "The Queen of The Nile" (Cleopatra)
2. National Television series: "The John Kerwin Show" filming ​in Hollywood, CA on JLTV Production. Check TV Guides.
3. ​Filming & voice recording of 8 short bible passages completed for "Characters of The Bible" and in post-production.
4. The Devil's Carnival 1 show at Sci-Fi Center

​​​​August 2015​
1. Filming as 'Bounty Hunter' in "Las Vegas Vietnam The Movie"
​2. ​Screening of Season 2 Episode Compilation of 'None of the Above' on National Geographic Channel internationally.
3. Booked as Runway Model in Las Vegas Fashion Designer Council
4. Rehearsals in The Devil's Carnival 1 at Sci-Fi Center
5. Pre-orientation meeting with complete cast at Clark County Library, Jewel Box Theater for "Characters in the Bible" 

​​July 2015
1. Editing complete and running on YouTube for Episodes 8-9 The Irrepressibles
2. Las Vegas Fashion Designer Council Fashion Show
3. Booked as 'Bounty Hunter' for feature film: "Las Vegas Vietnam The Movie" starring Eric Roberts and Ron Becks
4. Booked as 'Contessa' in The Devil's Carnival 1 and rehearsals at Sci-Fi Center​ 
5. Episode 10 The Irrepressibles in post-production.​
6. Characters of The Bible in pre-production.​
​​ ​

​​June 2015
1. Episodes 4-6 The Irrepressibles on IMDb.
2. Filming of Episode 10 The Irrepressibles
3. Casting actors for "Characters in the Bible" in pre-production
​​​4. New Theatrical/Commercial Headshots.
5. Red Carpet Event "Walk of Life Fashion Show" at Columbia College Hollywood, CA​​

​​​May 2015
1. Script written for Episode 10​ in pre-production
2. ​Booked  as model/dancer and rehearsals for Walk of Life Fashion Show, Columbia College Hollywood, CA
3. Auditioned as Runway Model for Honey Suckle Clothing at Fashion Mall with Leon Casting

​​​April 2015
1. Casting for 'Tandi' speaking role for Episodes 8-10 The Irrepressibles
2. Script written and filming done for Episode 9 The Irrepressibles


​​​​​​March 2015
1. ​Completion photoshoot on DVD by Nina Salazar, Photographer in Reedley, CA
2. ​Auditioned & Booked by Canvas Casting Los Angeles for "Leanne/Principal" for Fig Newtons, pilot run in on West Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, CA
3. The Irrepressibles Episode 8​ filming. Editing in progress and is in post-production
4. Auditioned as 'Indian Mother' for Wells Fargo Bank commercial in Los Angeles, CA​
5. Voice Over Audition & Booked for "New Newton" project and VO recordings in Los Angeles, CA
6. Audition for the role 'Captain Gina Reynolds' in Star Trek Henglaar. M.D.​​, Los Angeles, CA

​​​February 2015
1. Completion of National Music Video "Cum'in on the dance floor' by Lotus Records in Hollywood, CA - with Rose Hill​/feature
2. ​The Irrepressibles Episode 7 filming done.  Editing-in-progress in post-production
3.Production complete for ​National Face of a Diva Competition in Hollywood, CA - with Rose Hill as Miss Enteprise 2014
3. ​Photoshoot in Reedley, CA with Nina Silazar, Certifited Cosmetologist and Photographer
4. Script for The Irrepressibles Episode 8 ​written, casting LA Actor Marisa Chapman as Tandi

​​​January 2015
1. Booked for a commercial photoshoot in Los Angeles, CA​.  Shoot in February 2015
2. Booked for an episodic series Comedic Talk in San Diego, CA.  Shoot TBD​
3. Booked for a national pageantry show in Hollywood, CA.  Shoot in May 2015
4. The Irrepressibles Episode 7 script written and cast Ybyby Isaac as Dr Lazarus.  ​​

​December 2014
​1. Episode 6 The Irrepressibles shoot
2. National Face of a Diva Show, Hollywood, CA
3. Radio Interview at R U Talented in Anaheim, CA

​​​​​​November 2014
1. Auditioned/Booked and shoot  national television series, Brain Games, National Geographic Channel
2. French interview with Francophone, Jacque Papon, at Conference Room, Clark County Library
3. Audition Actor Lorenzo Gabaldon from Spain (Europe) for The Irrepressibles at Conference Room, Clark County Library
4. Script for Episode 6 for The Irrepressibles written by Rodman Thoms
5. Auditioned Commercial Print in Los Angeles​​​​​​, CA
6. Booked Radio Interview for National Diva Show on 'R U Talented Radio' in Hollywood, CA​

​​​​​​​October 2014
1. Filming The Irrepressibles Episode 5.
2. Filming French interview with Jean-François Detaille at Clark County Library
3. Filming French interview with Sylvie Tuaillon at Clark County Library
4​. The Irrepressibles Episodes 1-3 on IMDb.
5. Meeting with Commercial Agent in Los Angeles, CA

September 2014
1. Signed with National Model Representation in Hollywood. Booked for 'National Face of Diva 2014'
2. Register​​ with National Agency: World Class Speaker in Hollywood as Keynote Speaker: Bilingual French
3. ComicCon 2014 in Salt Lake City, UT.​ Photoshoot with Kevin Sorbo and Lou Ferrigno
4. Shooting The Irrepressibles Episode 4
5. Filming French interview with ​Janice Kennedy at Clark County Library
6. Filming French interview with Jed Curtis at Clark County Library
7. Filming French interview with Evelyne Sckorzynski at Clark County Library​​
8. Featuring on 'The Besty' in the category of rising star section.​
8. National Music Video shoot "Dancing on the floor​" in Hollywood, CA

August 2014
1. Shooting 'The Stalker' and Official Entrant to Project Greenlight by Ben Afflect and Matt Damon​
2. Shooting 'Dead Redux' scene 32 Augusta Zydeco near Huntridge Theater
3. Shooting The Irrepressibles Episode 3
4. Shooting French interview with Patricia Bourin at Clark County Library

​​​​​​​​​​July 2014
1. Summer Showcase at Gerald Gordon studio
​2. Shooting 'The Irrepressibles - Episode 2 The Unforseen'
3. La Bastille avec l'académie francophone de Las Vegas à Bruce Brent Park​
4. Media Francophone 1 with Jean-Baptiste Douillard, French radio host at Europe 1 from Paris, France.​
5. ​French Movie Night, La Fille du 14 juillet, at University of Nevada Las Vegas, John Wright Hall
6. Cast as 'Augusta Zydeco' in 'Dead Redux' film for IMDb and pre-production meeting with independent film producer Lisa Savy
7. The Irrepressibles Episode 1 & @ in post-production​
7. Script for The Irrepressibles Episode 3​​ written.

​​​​​June 2014
1. ​Spring Showcase Screening at Gerald Gordon Studio
​2. Films screening at Indie Film Factory, Las Vegas
3. Dr Sketchy "The Curse of The Fortune Teller" theme at Boulder Dam Hotel in Boulder City
4. Cast as a Model into national model compeition "The Girlie Box" in Los Angeles.​
5. Being contacted by National AgencyProTalent​ Agency in Los Angeles
6. Booked and shooting National Geographic TV Show, "None of the above - International accents"​
7. Shooting on film set for "The Irrepressible Episode 1" in Las Vegas
8. Shooting on film set for "Dead Redux" film by Lisa Savy​​​, Film Faculty at Nevada State College & Independent Film Producer
9. Hair Model for ISO Professional in Los Angeles, ​International Beauty Supply (IBS) Convention
10. Screening at Nevada State College, Red Angel Dragnet
11. ​​'What did they do?" commercial audition


​​​​May 2014
1. Pasadena Water Authority PSA audition in Los Angeles​
2. 48 Hour Film Festival for "My Picture My Guide" short film
3. Facial photoshoot at ​Jessica Jannice-Marie Brookes
4. Introduction & Script Read "The Irrepressible Episode 1"​

April 2014
1. "Departed Harvest"​ award-winning audition in LA
2. Interview by Taliante Entertainment, a French media TV production
3. Shooting on film set for "Red Angel Dragnet" as character "VIV" at Nevada State College in Henderson, NV​
4. Shooting on film set for "Yes, check Juliet" in LA for IMDb credit​​



Rose Hill Upcoming events​
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The greatest achievement 2016
is featuring my art portrait in
​Calendar 2017 (March)
                             ​ by artist Lee Lanier
Founder of Dam Short Film Festival​
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​November 2017
1. Booked as Brand Ambassador - L'Oreal cosmetics - 4 Target stores
2. Booked as Brand Ambassador - NY State of Mind Monarch Main Event, Los Angeles, CA
3. Interview with Marketing Agency in San Diego, CA
4. Booked for the role "Jessica" in My Ex-girlfriend is a shovel film - University of S. California (USC)
​5. Booked as Brand Ambassador - Amazon - The Venetian Hotel

​​​​​​October 2017
1. Halloween project - Booked as 'Greeter/Ticket Taker" for "Lost of the forgotten brides" Haunt House

​​​​​​​​​September 2017
1. IHeart Radio Concert - Brand Ambassador - T-Mobile Arena
2. Halloween season - Booked & Cast meeting for "The Tortured Souls of Bonnie Screams' project
3. Audition-in-progress for Bedizen Film Casting in progress, Los Angeles, CA
4. L.A Connection Comedy Theater, Burbank, CA
5. Audition for SAG project: ​"On-Target Contribution" for the role "Mary - business supervisor" - Los Angeles, CA

August 2017
1. Audition for Amazon Humor College as Almuni Parent, Los Angeles, CA
2. Audition for Cigna Health Insurance Commercial, Los Angeles, CA
3. Meeting with GM, KKWW Christian Radio Station
4. L.A. Connection Comedy Theater, Burbank, CA

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​July 2017
1. Booked for the role of 'Georgie' in Warner Brothers IT, San Diego Comic Con
2. Luncheon Meeting with Las Vegas Review Journal
3. Interview with Production Plus Agency Los Angeles for Coravin Demos ​​​​
4. Auditioned/Booked for "Global Expatriate health insurance" - Cigna Health Insurance, Los Angeles CA

​​​​June 2017
1. L.A Connection Comedy Theater
2. Booked Black, White Blash 2017 Charity Event, Los Angeles, CA​​​​​​

May 2017
1. Booked for Bellagio Ballroom, MGM Int'l Foundation Leadership 2017​ Charity Event (Las Vegas)
2. Booked ​for Swerve Sweetener Brand Ambassador, Sprouts, Phoenix Arizona
3. Booked for Wise School Gala Charity Event 2017 - Los Angeles, CA
4. Audition L.A. Connection Comedy Theater - Los Angeles, CA
5. Booked for Beauty Spotlight, Target Store Mother's Day - Los Angeles, CA
6. Booked For M Resort, Heart N Sole Charity Event (Las Vegas) ​​​​

​​​April 2017
1. Arizona State University & University of Phoenix - Final Four College Championship Brand Ambassador for Reese's Puffs Cereal
​2. ​National Caramel Day for Werther's Original US - Brand Ambassador
3. Spring dress ​Photo shoot with Desert Rose Photography​​​
4. Interview - Production Plus Agency for Nespresso
5. Interview - A Plus Agency for Macy's
6. ​​​Brand Ambassador - Target Brand Archer's Farm Coffee - Target Stores
7. ​MGM Grand Arena - Power of Love Gala 2017 - Brand Ambassador CSR for GiveSmart.
8. Nespresso Shadow Session, ​Williams Sonoma

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​March 2017
1. Booked for 12 Sprouts Market stores in Nevada & Arizona for national event: Swerve Sweetner in 21 states, 
2. Booked for National Kroger Fan Fest 2017 - as Team Leader in 4 Smith's Stores
3. Salt Lake City Comic Con, UT
4. Booked for National IBM Watson Convention, MGM Grand as ​Convention Staff
4. Booke for National College Championship Final Four Events for Reese's Puffs Cereal: ASU Campus, University of Phoenix Westgate Campus​, 

​​​​​Feb 2017
1. Usher for 'Sex with strangers' in local community theater
2. Auditioned for Awful film for the role of 'Theater employee' in French by Antsy Production
3. Leonato August Photography sessions with MJ Promotions in Hollywood, CA

​​​Jan 2017
1. Calendar 2017 - featuring on March by Lee Lanier
2. Booked for national event: Caiter Water, Lake Havasu City
3. Booked in 2 stores for national event: Edamame Snack, Phoenix and Camelback.
4. Booked to feature as Model in national magazine, TruEra Magazine.
5. Corporate Model Photo Shoot by Desert Rose Photography 

January 2019

1. Pre-CES 2019 event - BA Directional Doccent,  Dignity Health - Planet Hollywood
2. CES 2019 - BA Registration, Google Global Network - Aria Hotel/Casino
3. Security, PPAI Convention, Sands Expo
4. Security, World of Concrete 2019, Las Vegas Convention Center Central Hall
5. Usher, DIA NACIONAL DE LA BANDA, T-Mobile Arena
6. Security, Madea Farewell Play Tour by Tyler Perry, Zappos Theater, Planet Hollywood
7. Usher, Calibash Festival, T-Mobile Arena
8. Usher, Genentech, MGM Grand Arena

​​​December 2018
1. worked for Florida Georgia Line Show, Zappos Theater Planet Hollywood
2. worked for MJ One show, Delano Building, Mandalay Bay
3.​ worked for Paris by Night 35 years Anniversary (Vietnamese show), Zappos Theater Planet Hollywood
4. worked for National Finals Rodeo (NFR) Cowboy Christmas, LVCC South Hall
5. worked for Chris Angel Freakshow, Planet Hollywood
​​November 2018
1. worked for Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life Show, Zappos Theater Planet Hollywood
2. worked for UFC Heavyweight Championship, Pearl Theater, The Palms
3. worked for Live Design International (LDI), LVCC North Hall
4. worked for International Pool Spa Patio Expo 2018, Mandalay Bay Convention Center
​5. worked for Amazon Web Services Re-Invent 2018, MGM Grand

​​Halloween month - October 2018
1. Bonnie Screams, Dollhouse Haunt: Halloween Mary Poppins Ticket Taker​ Host

​September 2018
1. worked Pavillion, Rose Bowl Stadium, Beyoncé/Jay OTR II Night
​July-August 2018
1. Became licensed Security Officer in Los Angeles County and Nevada State
​​​​​​2. worked LAFC Football Game at Rose Bowl Stadium, LA
3. worked Kascade SunSoaked 2018, Long Beach, CA
​4. worked Pavillion, Rose Bowl stadium, Ed Sheeran Tour, LA
​5. worked Charges v/s Saints Football Game, StubHub Center, LA

June 2018
1. Interview CSC Los Angeles
​​​​​2. Interview RockStar Beer Festival as Event Coordinator
3. LA Audition as Team Leader/Tricia Patel for Eval 2 Educational Video​ (Documentary) by CSA David Tillman 

May 2018
1. Filming RX Sleeping Aid Commercial - by Ben Kalb Productions
2. Audition facial massage - Life Film, Los Angeles
3. Audition for Luster ​​

​​​​​April 2018

1. Filming RX Sleeping Aid Commercial, booked by Baskow Talent Agency
2. Booked to feature on Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV), Tattoo national television show 10th season
​​​​​3. Booked as Brand Ambassador for Total Wireless by national agency
4. Booked as Clown to feature in Magic Max Feature Film, booked by Jeff Olan Casting, Los Angeles

March 2018

​​1. Booked 'East Indian Model' PSA for SkinCare Commercial (Global campaign) , booked by Launch DRTV, El Segundo, CA
2. Booked RXB Sleep Commercial, booked by Baskow Talent​​
3. Audition for "Colonel Selena Vasquez", Alien Siege Short Film, by CSA Scotty Mullen, Los Angeles, CA
4. Booked as Brand Ambassador for Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner, Long Beach, CA
5. Booked as Brand Ambassador for Garnier Hair Treats, Long Beach, CA​
6. Audition for '2 Professors', The Resident Assistant (Pilot ​run), S. California State University
7. Audition for 'Alice CA Tech Faculty', ​Fix Thesis Film, S. California State University
8. ​Audition for 'Cheryl (Veteran Manager)', LA County Gov't Training video
9. BA Training, Adelante Live National Agency, Long Beach, CA
10. BA Training, Promomash, North Hollywood, CA​​

​​​​​Feb 2018

​​1. Audition for East Indian Model, SkinCare Commerical, by Launch Casting, El Segundo, CA

​2. Booked for "Lift your hands" for David Rosales music video by LA-based Spin The Dial Productions.
3. Booked as Brand Ambassador for "Coty's Nice n'Easy" Beauty Products, Long Beach, CA​
4. Audition for ​Charlotte's Web as "Narrator/Gander/Uncle Pig" by Phantom Theater, La Mirada, CA

​​​​JAN 2018

​​1. Booked for 'Snap Decision' television show, Los Angeles CA
​2. Booked by A-Celebrity booker Sarah-May Levy with BigApple Casting LA - Tyga music video, Hollywood CA
3. Booked as "Stock Broker" ​for SkyCoin - Spot 2 Commercial - Irvine, CA
Do​​​DEC 8, 2017 - JAN 12, 2018 - Absent in the states
My brother, Clifford, passed away on November 3 2017 in Quangzhou, China
Since 2019, I have been spreading the word of Christ for the Second Coming of Christ for I AM THE WOMAN-CHRIST, prophesied by Apostle John of Patmos Island in the first century Israel! ​
The results is for the first time there are 469 people all over the world that have browsed the webpage of the Second Coming of Christ and they are mainly from Afghanistan, Algeria and Madagascar.  Below are the results of people all around the world and their IP address:


Since 2019, I have been also at the front defense line of terrorism and cyber terrorism in America as Security Officer