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Mrs Claus
Santa Claus v/s The Martians Show
The Onyx Theatre
also published in the Las Vegas Review Journal, Dec 6, 2011
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Girmar (Lead Martian Child)
Santa Claus v/s The Martians Show
The Onyx Theatre
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Las Vegas Shakespeare Company
also published in Las Vegas Review Journal, April 26, 2012
Barbara Grant (front left), NV SAG President           
 Rose Hill, Actress (front right)
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Bad Head show  
at The BoxOffice Theatre in the Art District, Las Vegas.
also published in Examiner.Com on April 19, 2012
The Final Four Show
Las Vegas Little Theatre
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Clue - Yvette (French Maid)
Sci Fi Center

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​La nouvelle aventure du petit chaperon Rouge
Rose Hill - Rouge/Star​
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Rose is a cast regular member
​L.A Connection Comedy Theater
House of the 1,000 clowns
Halloween Bonnie Screams
Contessa (Horror clown),
​ The Devil's Carnival, Sci-Fi Center​
Ghost Town Lady, Bonnie Screams