The Irrepressibles Episodic series​
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S t a r r i n g   Rose Hill
​                                   as Sergeant Sharma
 Co - s t a r r i n g
John Tomasello
      ​as Giuseppe
Rose is an actor/model/host and she has been 7 consecutives 'national' shows within the Fall/Winter 2013-2014.   She is known to be the leader of French art in local community theater. She is the founder of French theater group and has years of experiences in production, writing,acting and directing and has landed in 'lead roles' many times in the acting industry. She is known for her devotion commitment and her craft on the screen.
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Tanisha Dicaro doublecast
    ​as Mrs Watershed/
         ​Rebel Cassandra
Tenile is from Boston and has been acting live in Boston. She went to dancing school and college in New York. She is local in Las Vegas and is a student of Emmy-Award Director, Gerald Gordon. 
Glenn Heath 
      ​as Dr White
Richie Frazier
    ​ as a rebel#2
Tenile Pritchard
         ​as Hernandez
Trina Colon doublecast
    ​as victim/Cleo 
Ray LaHood
          ​as Dutch
Ray has been acting 
since High School and ​has good comedic timing and is well ​known for this karaoke skills​, consistency and reliability at work.
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Episode 2 click here 

Episode 3 click here​​​ 

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​​​​Episode 1 click here

Episode 2 click here

Episode 3 click here

Episode 4 click here

Episode 5 click here

Episode 6, click here 

​​​​​​Episode 7​​, click here

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Episode ​​10, click here

Ed Knutson is an experienced actor both on stage and on screen.  He is also in the Voice-Over business and has been around the film industry for years. He also has several reviews in newspapers regarding his acting.
Ed Knutson
        ​as General Matson

Rodman Thoms is the creator, director & editor of The Irrepressibles.  He is an entrepreneur and is in pest control for 20+ years.  He is a cartoon man and is married to
Rose Hill for 10+ years.​​​


Lorenzo Gabaldon
          ​as John Smith
Lorenzo Gabaldon comes from Spain (Europe) and is fluent in Spanish.  He has strong background in theater from Arrabal Theater in Spain and in operas as an actor.  He has been involved film industry in Las Vegas as well.
Marilynn Weinmann
      as Dr Livingstone​
Jimmy Isles 
        ​as Dr Charles Lazarus
Jimmy Isles comes from California and has done many student films and independent films.  He went to New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and also studied 
theater and music at San Bernardino Valley College. ​
Alexsis Neuman
        ​as Tandi
Alexsis Neuman is an experienced actor in both film and director in theater. She has landed 'lead' roles in various projects. She attended the College of Southern Nevada and she is dynamic. 

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